Sunday, January 24, 2010


I just finished my final paper for my less favorite class! Yay! I didn't much care for that class anyway, so I'm glad that's done. I just have to go to that class one more time tomorrow, present my outline (that I wrote after the paper- I never was good at writing an outline first), and then figure out how to get all this stuff back in my suitcase so I can fly back to Texas. I already miss my other class, I really liked that one, and I'm kind of disappointed the online version of the second class in the preaching series isn't really taught by the same instructor, even though it has her name on the roster. She was a great teacher too.
We had another soccer game today, and I had to play the whole time because we didn't have any subs. We finally snagged a random guy who was waiting to play another game, but the girls couldn't sub because you have to have three on the field. The other team was a player down, so we did let a girl go off once or twice just to rest, and then one of the girls got hurt so it was even. We won, 5-1 I think. It was a pretty good game. I got hit in the face, so my lip got a little puffy, but my nose didn't bleed, so that was good. I didn't get hit that hard. The game's usually better when there's a little bruising and bloodshed, though. I am in a little better shape after last weekend, so at least it was this game and not last that we had no subs or I might've died. I also have an extra Mountain Dew that I couldn't finish, so I think I'm going to have to pack that one too.
I have definitely enjoyed my time here, and part of me is not ready to come home yet. I have enjoyed the community here, and the atmosphere. I do miss my congregation back home, though, and it will be nice to go to church there again, and I miss seeing some people. Going back to work will be less than exciting now, but so it is. The weather's going to be vastly different, but then again I'm leaving at a good time because it looks like it's supposed to get colder again up here later this week.
I think this post is a bit more random, because I suddenly have 'I finished all my homework!' energy that is making me a bit hyper. I guess I should try to clean up some stuff and start packing. I found a ride to the airport, too, so I don't have to navigate public transportation with a suitcase. That was very nice. Peace, see y'all back in Texas!

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