Saturday, January 9, 2010


The frozen yogurt experiment was a success! Yay! I decided to leave the outside window open and only shut the inside one so the outside air could get to the yogurt, and it worked! I put it up last night, and when I pulled the yogurt out this morning it was solid. Awesome.
Most of yesterday was not very exciting, which is why you didn't get an update, but last night I went with some people to a newly reopened sport's bar. We walked, which was definitely farther than the two blocks Jenny promised, and that was a pretty cold trip, but the place was nice and the food was good. Then we came back and hung out for a while, then played some Wii, then watched a zombie movie Shaun of the Dead. It was definitely nice to get out of this little room and spend some time with people. They were fun people and I enjoyed myself.
The only other thing I did yesterday besides some reading was go out and take some photos. I miss my big camera, but the smaller one I brought was more practical and still does a good job. I still am having trouble with wanting to be outside but it being too cold, but at least I have a nice view of outside from my window.

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  1. yeah for frozen yogurt. Keep the stories coming and see you in a couple of weeks.