Thursday, March 11, 2010

toilet paper and other random thoughts

The first random thought I would like to consider is toilet paper. Have you ever noticed how thin some toilet paper is? For industrial use I totally understand the concept, because when it's that thin it takes a lot more of it to clog public toilets, like in schools or restaurants. For personal use, though, I am not a fan. I suppose some places could possibly have extremely sensitive septic systems, but otherwise it seems a bit wasteful. If you had the nicer stuff you would need to use fewer sheets and it is more effective. The thin stuff, well, requires more to achieve desired results. That's my opinion, anyway. I'll take the stuff that's a bit softer and absorbs better any day.
I watched The Italian Job the other day. I like movies like that, high profile crime sort of things that involve intelligence and skill. I have also always wanted to be able to crack a combination lock just by feeling/listening. If someone out there wants to teach me, I would be very excited. Not because I am going to take up a life of crime, or plan to break into things, but it seems a useful skill. I also happen to have a combination lock that I lost the combination to, so this would be useful there as well. If I were not endowed with such a deep moral sense, I might have considered high profile crime as a way of life. God had other ideas, however. At one time I also considered law enforcement, even the FBI, but again, God had different plans. So I'm in seminary instead, but that's okay. My friend invited me to play Mafia Wars on facebook so I could pretend to be a thug. It's a strange sort of game, but I find it amusing so I guess I'll play every now and again for fun. Haha.
If I had other random thoughts I do not remember them at the moment, so I'll leave you reeling from those. :)