Tuesday, January 12, 2010

for lack of a good title...

Today I woke up to frost. At least that's what they told me it was. It looked like snowflakes stuck to every part of the trees, mostly, but what do I know. There wasn't really new snow on the ground. Maybe they do know what they're talking about, it was just the largest pieces of frost I've ever seen. I was definitely disappointed that it didn't snow, although the warmer weather has been kind of nice.
Then I went to breakfast and got real eggs and tried the hash browns. The hash browns were really nothing unexpected from an institution, but really not that great. I need to remember to make some (literally shred a potato) when I get home. I was going to go to chapel after that, but ended up having a conversation with Peter instead, which was probably just as well. I enjoyed that.
This afternoon I started my second class, Telling the Story. I was slightly apprehensive, but it turned out to be quite enjoyable. The professors are both quite humorous. The only difference between this class and the other class, however, is that my other class is all younger, residential students, and this new class is older distributed learning students. It was kind of funny, the one professor was talking about having a large base of things to say so that you can find the right one to say at the right time, and was giving an example of when she was in college when Kennedy was assassinated. You could tell this was a fairly well rehearsed story and that she had used it many times in class, because she threw in the line 'long before you all were even thought of'. While that is probably generally appropriate for most of her classes, very few of us in this particular class actually fit the 'too young to remember' description, and she didn't even seem to notice that she had said so to an obviously old enough group of people, she just kept going with the story. So they make it a fun class, plus the material seems interesting, and it also makes me excited to do the storytelling workshop in February.
Then I went to supper tonight and they had vegetarian lasagna (yay!) which was decent. I also got the chance to sit and chat with several people, and it's very nice to have some social interaction. All the people here have been great. I will kind of miss them when I head back. I might get the chance to play on the school's intramural soccer team this Sunday, too, so here's hoping they let me. That could be fun (or kill me, since I haven't done much exercising in a while, either way). I'll let y'all know what happens.
Alright, I have much more homework since this new class started, so I need to get on to that. Peace!

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