Saturday, January 23, 2010

it's raining

Sorry, didn't realize I hadn't said anything for a few days. It is raining outside. I didn't recognize it from the window because it was so unexpected. I went outside to check out this new form of precipitation and realized it was rain and then felt kind of silly. Apparently rain in this weather just sort of lands on top of the snow and then freezes. The dangerous part is that it makes the streets and sidewalks wet, and then especially as it gets dark and the temperature goes down again it freezes. It's very odd to see it raining on snow, I don't really like it, and they tell me this is indeed very strange January weather.
Not a whole lot of excitement has happened before yesterday. I was working on homework. Yesterday I had my junior preaching class final. It went pretty well. I was nervous and I know my volume and presence speaking in front of people can use some work, but it certainly could have gone worse. The professor told me my voice has good timbre, so that was kind of nice to hear. I really enjoyed that class, though, and the instructor, so I am kind of sad it is over. I'm also a little disappointed that I'm taking the middler preaching course online so I won't get to have her for that. Ah well.
Last night we had a community meal in the kitchen downstairs, and I ended up making the toast (buttering the bread and putting it in the oven til it was toasty). It was pretty good, we had angel hair pasta and chili. The night before they had brownie night and ordered some brownies from the kitchen, which were good (and we had lots leftover). Last night after the meal several people joined a group of people who had already planned to go to this place called Chatterbox. I decided to go with them. It's a restaurant where they have a lot of games you can get to play while you eat. It's pretty fun. We ended up cramming all eleven of us into this big booth, so it was pretty cozy, but it was a lot of fun. Then we came back to campus and played Mafia. I haven't played that game since probably junior high, so it was a lot more fun playing with adults. I had a pretty fun night, definitely glad I decided to hang out with them rather than think about doing homework.
So all I have today is a trip to the bookstore to see if they've gotten in the last book I need for the spring, and then I will work on the final paper for my other class that's due Monday. Then I fly back Monday evening, and we'll see how Texas has held up without me.
Happy Saturday!

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