Wednesday, January 20, 2010

hey y'all

Being up north here makes me more conscious of how my speech is different from others'. Particularly when I say y'all, I am more conscious of it before I say and I hear it differently. It's sort of odd. I know I don't have a big southern accent, but these people have a northern one so it makes my speech different.
Second, exercise can be a lot of work, and make you tired. Wow. I hurt quite a lot yesterday. Ouch. I was feeling muscles I had completely forgotten about. I am feeling much less sore today, thankfully. Snowshoeing is hard work, and add that to having just played soccer and being out of shape and wow. Just about everything hurt.
Today I decided I was tired of wearing a jacket all the time, so wore it to breakfast, then dropped it off after chapel and haven't put it on since. Yes, it's a little chilly out since I'm just wearing a t-shirt over a long sleeved shirt, but oh well. I haven't been out long. (Yes, I would put a coat on to go farther...moms....)
I think I miss seeing grass outside. Snow is nice and pretty and all that, but it almost feels like I'm living in a gingerbread house world where everything's frosted. It seems like if I scraped the snow back there would just be foil underneath. There's not, there's actually a spot that's melted between two buildings over here where you can see the ground and it's just muddy and gross with some dead grass. I suppose getting to actually watch the seasons turn would be a different experience than simply plopping down in the middle of one and then going back to a different rhythm, but who knows. I keep imagining what Texas would look like if we stacked the rain the same way the snow stacks. It might be like living in a giant aquarium.
I do enjoy the people, and the company and how a theological community can fit together in a way a school with multiple foci would not be able to, and I certainly value the experiences and the people I've met here.
I will be leaving in less than a week, and I am starting to hear pieces of "Come Back To Texas" in my head randomly. More adventures still to come, I am sure, regardless of where I might go.

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