Thursday, January 7, 2010


Today it SNOWED! For real, snow, most of the day. Snow is fascinating! Part of me, once I looked out the window this morning and saw snow falling, wanted to run up and down the hallway shouting 'it's snowing!', but somehow I thought the rest of the building would not be nearly so excited as I. Somehow I'm thinking most of the state was not nearly so excited as I. So I refrained from informing every person I passed that it was snowing outside, barely.
I have gotten faster at getting ready in the morning also. The first couple of days I crawled out of bed and just stared at my suitcase for several minutes, trying to figure out what combination of clothing would be appropriate. One of everything is generally the best way to go. So I had time to go down for breakfast this morning, but ended up with hot chocolate and a cookie after I saw the guy pouring liquid egg on the grill. It's too cold for fake egg.
Chapel was apparently affected by the weather, so when the usher handed me a bulletin she told me to sit close to the front. The sermon was pretty good, too, and he talked about epiphany and epiphanies, and wished plenty of epiphanies from God on us (and I could definitely use a few right now). The sermon was accessible and included humor, and to me that is the best way to do a sermon.
After chapel I went to play in the snow. I played in the snow yesterday afternoon, and made a snow angel (wow!) and built a snow tree (stacked frozen chunks of snow in a conical shape and covered it with powdery snow) because the snow wouldn't stick together to make a snowman. Today there was fresh snow, though, and I wasn't about to miss that opportunity. I kept getting snow in my eyes and it made me laugh. I'd stop and watch it fall, and I took some photos, and stopped to watch a lady shovel snow off her porch. The novelty was simply fun. After my legs and toes started getting numb I finally went back inside, but kept going to the window to watch the snow fall. Perhaps the novelty will wear off soon, and when I went outside tonight to go eat it felt WAY too cold, but still the snow is pretty, and (again) fascinating.
The book I've been reading for my mission class is long, and long. There are some good points in it, but I feel like I'm missing an important one. Maybe it's because we skipped chapter one, or maybe the point comes later in the book and we just haven't gotten there yet. I'm hoping my preaching class will feel more interesting, or at least useful.
Alright, back to reading. Epiphanies to you all.

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