Wednesday, January 27, 2010

back to Texas

Well, friends, I found a ride to the airport from one of my down the hall neighbors, which was very awesome of her. So I checked in at the airport, went through security, was patted down in my sweatshirt rather than having to take it off (which was very exciting, I've never been patted down before..haha) and we took off. It was snowing when I woke up that morning, and I was disappointed that it waited until my last day there to finally snow again, but I did wander around in the snow before I left campus. Then I landed in Houston and had to go all the way across the airport to get my other connection, but I always enjoy being in the Houston airport because it has good vibes for me, feels a little homey. It was also very diverse, and I was very excited to see people that weren't white. It's kind of odd, and I feel a little funny explaining it, but there you have it. Then I got to Austin, got my luggage, and Therese took me back to her place so I could pick up my car. The flights were not full either time, so I never had to sit next to anyone. That was kind of nice. Anyway, Therese stopped at Sonic for me and we got tater tots and chocolate shakes (yum). Then after we chatted for a bit I felt bad for having kept her up so long, so I drove home. I have to admit, for the most part seeing grass wasn't weird, but then driving home there were definitely a few moments when it felt weird to not see snow. It also wasn't nearly so cold.
My own bed was definitely nice and squishy, though, and when I woke up yesterday morning it was very sunny outside and quite warm. I contemplated wearing shorts. I also did three loads of laundry and got everything sorted out again. We went to Target and Mamacita's last night so I could have some Mexican food, and it was very good. Now I have a couple of weeks before the spring semester starts, and I can't decide if I should read Harry Potter again, or find some other form of productivity. Hmm.

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