Saturday, January 16, 2010

it's not so bad

...up here when the temperature is 20-30s. At least, when the sun is shining and it's overall a pretty day. That is the case today. I walked down the street to Dunn Brothers Coffee because I have been told by several people that they have the best coffee and roast their own beans and everything. So I decided that would be my Saturday morning excursion to get me out of the building. It is not a very far walk, although I had a moment of temporary confusion while trying to find the door to the coffee shop. I got a mocha latte, my favorite coffee drink. I must admit it's pretty good, very smooth. I brought a book for my class in case it was a nice quiet place where I could read, but it shares a building with a bistro and was full of people, not quiet at all. I would not have been able to concentrate, plus there were a lot of people, so I just brought my coffee back here. It was definitely a nice morning for a walk. I like how the sun makes the snow sparkle. It's very pretty.
Yesterday was not terribly exciting, but I did get a pancake at breakfast. I guess they had leftover batter or something. It was a decent pancake, and the outer parts had a nice crispness to them. Nothing spectacular, though.
Then I had class, which was the usual less than thrilling, and the intranet was down for most of the class because they were updating the website. My afternoon class was again much more enjoyable. I like that class, and particularly my one professor.
The other professor in that class is also interesting, though, and the other day we were talking about having the right words to say in any situation (but especially difficult situations), and my prof said, "The Word doesn't explain anything, but it gives power." That struck me, because all too often we feel like we need to be able to explain why bad things have happened, especially in a care-giving profession. The reality is, though, that none of us have those answers, and never will. I think a lot of people abandon Christianity and the Bible because they come to it expecting answers and are disappointed when they don't find them. That is not what they are there for, however. They are there to remind us that the bad things do not have the last word, and that we can find power, and hope, in the Word to carry on.
Prayers for all those who suffer loss, pain, and grief. May the power of the Word give them hope to carry on.

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