Monday, February 15, 2010

duck votes

My roommate decided for her blog that she wanted to do something to encourage the local people to come out and vote in the primaries, in addition to giving them a little information about who the candidates are. So we had the great idea to take Duck (pictured above) around town to pose with all the election signs. We also didn't want people to forget their voter registration card when they go to vote, so here we have Duck ready to go vote, card and all. He is also buckled up, of course. Click it or ticket. Safety first, DPS says. Duck also went to some fun places that had nothing to do with politics, with more adventures hopefully to come. One of my favorites is when Duck visited the fountain, partly because I just like the fountain, so I will leave you with that photo. :)

Sunday, February 7, 2010

storytelling retreat

I went to a storytelling retreat this weekend at Ebert Ranch. I have never been to one of the camps of the Southwestern Texas Synod before, so I was excited to see one of them. It was very nice. It is near Harper, so it's fairly rugged Texas turf, but it was nice, although muddy. The new cabin there that we stayed in was very nice. We heard a concert of stories and we had some nice fellowship on Friday evening. Saturday we had several sessions on the process of learning to tell a story, interspersed with some camp activities. We did leather crafts and I stamped my name and some designs into a 'bookmark', and in the afternoon I got to do archery and shoot some arrows. That was fun, although it is hard to aim a bow at close range so I shot over the target several times at the beginning before I figured it out. Then we shot some bird arrows, and those were fun, but I got one stuck in a tree, so the one guy that worked at the camp knocked it down. Oops. That was fun though. Then we came back that evening and I realized I had enough time to make communion bread since I was asked to bring bread this week. I wanted to try the recipe that we used to use at TLU. I think I got the wrong kind of wheat flour, because all I saw at HEB was whole grain wheat flour and that seemed to make the bread a little dry, but it tasted okay and certainly didn't kill anyone, so I was very excited that it turned out pretty well, even if it wasn't quite what I was wanting it to be. Bread can be a bit temperamental, in terms of adding just the right amount of water, but it worked pretty well. Yay.