Tuesday, January 5, 2010

day two

When I checked the weather on my phone when I woke up this morning it said it was -7 outside. now it says it's 9. I'm not sure I can tell the difference. The weather says it's supposed to warm up and snow tomorrow and Thursday. It would be pretty amazing if it actually gets up to 15 tomorrow. I want to go play in the snow but it's sooo cold. Brrr. Also, as I was waiting to cross the street I saw a truck glide to a stop and then spin tires to go again on the icy street. Crazy.
I went to the bookstore and bought two books for the class I'm taking now. I may have to go back and check out the Bible studies they have, too, and see if there's anything interesting there. I also like that Minnesota does not charge sales tax on required course books. If anyone needs a stole they have those, and 10% off for seminarians. Just let me know. (yea seemed a bit random to me, too)
I decided to go to the library to check out the third book on the list for the course I'm taking, but as I figured when I got there I need an ID card to check out a book. So I had to trek across campus to Student Services to get an ID card (which was disappointing because that meant I had to go outside again). It was relatively painless, however, and the ID card is kind of pretty and the photo's not bad either. So I came back to my room, dropped off my coat, took the tunnel back to the library (FABulous invention, btw), and went looking for the book. Someone must have beat me to it because it was not there. So I thought, what could make my trip to the library not wasted? Bonhoeffer! So I found The Cost of Discipleship, and just for fun grabbed the German original as well. Both books were published well before I was born (there are some OLD books in the library here). How many other people would grab some 'fun' reading like that? haha. The library is rather fascinating, because it has several levels of books in a weird giant closet like room. I'm pretty sure the seminary library has the biggest BS section I've ever seen, too. (library joke...)
As for the frozen yogurt experiment...unfortunately I realized the windows are all double paned, and there is not enough room between the second piece of glass and the screen for the yogurt to fit. The space between the two pieces of glass makes an excellent refrigerator, however.
Alright, I'm going to actually do some homework now. Peace.

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