Sunday, November 8, 2009

grocery shopping in the rain

Today we went to the grocery store. We really needed to go, we've needed to go for about a week now but one thing or another has prevented that. So of course we finally have time to go today and it's raining. We went to Target, then stopped at Schlotzsky's for lunch (since we didn't have any food!) but it was crowded (why was the whole town out at 3pm on Sunday?) so we decided to eat our food in the HEB parking lot. It was raining kind of lightly at that point, but we were enjoying watching some people running through the rain while we ate. As we went inside the store it was raining a little harder, and we had to cross a small river of water in the parking lot. By the time we finished our shopping it had obviously been raining pretty well for a while, because water was running all over the parking lot. Headed back to our parking spot, the river had gotten really wide, and there was a guy a little ahead of us who had rolled up his pants and was wading through in his flip flops. I was not wearing flip flops, and was like, that is not going to work, my shoes are going to get soaked. It was a bit at a downward slope, and I was pushing the cart, so I looked, and was like I think I can make it. I started running with the cart to gain momentum and then hopped my feet on the back of it and coasted through the river. My roommate was cracking up behind me, first laughing at the guy in flip flops and then me, so the guy in flip flops heard her and turned around and saw me and started laughing too. Then we still got pretty wet trying to load all the groceries, and the flip flop guy kept pulling the back of his SUV down over him as he loaded up his groceries. So now we have food again and had some entertainment to boot.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

flower power

Well, no, we haven't stepped back to the 60's/70's, but they had some good ideas then. I have noticed that I haven't been noticing as much lately. I've been caught up in homework, work, and who knows what else, worry, and haven't been paying attention to what's happening outside. I have noticed the weather, some, and am very glad it's below 90, but I've sort of forgotten to breathe the air, look at the flowers and new grass, see the birds and the trees and watch the way the wind blows. I don't do that as much as I should. I used to be much better at paying attention to nature. I've never exactly been a great gardener or anything, and I've had some more plants die on me (and have no idea why), but I used to be good at remembering to look at the sky and notice the wind. The last few times I've stopped and actually paid attention to nature, I realised it doesn't happen often enough anymore, and I hopefully can be better at renewing that. So pay attention to the rain, the grass, the wind, the sky, and the butterflies (and not just because they've smashed against the windshield you just cleaned), and remember God's work in creation.