Wednesday, January 13, 2010

random things I haven't told you yet

...assuming I can remember them, which is mostly why I haven't already told them to you. I'll add some new thoughts too.
First, this chair, while entertaining because it leans back, is actually very hard once it has been sat in for hours at a time. My tail is really getting tired of sitting in hard chairs, and the classroom chairs aren't any better.
Living out of a suitcase for three weeks becomes a rather messy affair after a while.
Last night I wanted to print a paper, and I spent literally 30 minutes in the computer lab and barely got so much as logged on. There was obviously a network problem, and it was IMMENSELY frustrating. I ended up printing the paper this afternoon before class.
Snow is kind of boring after it just sits there for a while. I would like for it to snow again or something, to spice up the relationship.
I'm pretty sure the guy that lives above me was a dinosaur in a past life. Or a professional mover.
I had the strangest dreams last night, and was very restless. No fun.
I'm wondering if I should grab some LutherSem paraphernalia (mug, sweatshirt, something). Thoughts?
This morning for breakfast they had 'french toast bake'. It was...squishy. Kind of like a french toast lasagna, with egg in it too. Not bad, I suppose, but just kind of weird.
Tomorrow they are supposed to have pancakes. I hope northerners make good pancakes.
I finally figured out where I could get a 20oz Mountain Dew (next to the naked Jesus....the guy actually said Naked juices -a brand-, but it was early so my brain was still fuzzy). Now I don't have to ration the rest of my Mountain Dew. Yay!
I did NOT get communion wine this morning...but grape juice was almost weird, since it's been a while since I've had that for communion. Ironically, the text was the wedding at Cana from John (you know, water to wine), and at the end of the sermon she invited everyone to come and have some wine, and I thought 'no don't drink the wine!' Straight up ethyl alcohol, I'm pretty sure.
Sometimes I randomly run through the snow while I'm walking to the cafeteria, just take a short semicircle detour off the sidewalk. It's fun.
That's probably enough to keep you going for the day. I can't remember if I've forgotten anything else. I'm going to go make a sandwich, have a Mountain Dew, listen to some more music, then do some homework.
Peace, y'all.

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