Monday, January 11, 2010

Monday Monday

Hello dear readers. Sorry, my weekend was quite uneventful, so I really had nothing even to bore you with.
First, news of warmer weather is exciting and quite interesting, really. When I say warmer, mind you, it's still in the teens in terms of temperature, but compared to negatives it's quite lovely. I'm only wearing two layers of clothing inside today. Apparently at around this temperature ice and snow on the sidewalks start to melt as well. It gets kind of slushy and gross. This is also fascinating to me, because by all accounts it's still cold and below freezing. Interesting. I want it to snow again, but I don't know that it will.
My class today was mildly interesting for most of the beginning of it. We talked about some different theology, and he brought up Bultmann, and I must say that was the most positive spin on Bultmann's theology I have ever heard. I am not at all a fan of Bultmann, so I almost felt he didn't do justice to the distaste I have for Bultmann's theology, but there you have it. Then towards the end we started to beat the dead horse of mission that we've been beating since the class started, and it was going on nearly 2 hours of paying attention, and my attention began to wane again.
The good news is, I decided to go to breakfast and brave scrambled eggs, and he scrambled real eggs for me, without even asking! I was delighted. They are expensive eggs, though, I don't think a raw dozen costs that much, but maybe it's too cold for chickens to lay eggs up here so there's winter inflation (no I made that up, the eggs are just expensive to my cheap mind). My second cafeteria adventure came at lunchtime, when I decided to try the tacos. It would have been better if they'd had Mexican rice, but this was Spanish rice. I just put it in the taco instead of meat, then had lettuce and that fake preshredded cheese. They also had the option to throw olives on it. Did I not ever notice that as a taco topping before, or is that really just weird? The taco wasn't bad, but it was probably the whitest taco I've ever had. Oh well. It was that or 'potstickers' tonight, and I still don't really know what that is, even after I asked someone. They need a picture menu.
Lastly so far, I went and bought my books for my other course that starts tomorrow. They were cheaper than the other two (because they're smaller) and I still love that MN does not charge sales tax on required course books. That's about all for now, one last day of free time before I get more homework. Peace.

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  1. I think I've only seen black olives as a topping for nachos.