Monday, January 18, 2010


I did, in fact, go showshoeing today. We did not have class, so I got up, did some homework, and then at 2 I met Jenny and we went snowshoeing. She took me to REI to rent some snowshoes, and then we went to Como Park. It is a big park, and very nice for any time of the year. They have a zoo and a conservatory and a golf course (that is used for cross country skiing in winter) and lots of space. There is also a lake, which, in the winter, is frozen. Being this far north is so strange to my senses, still, because all these things that are happening in reality I have only seen in pictures, and it sort of boggles my mind. Fascinating. Anyway, we put on the snowshoes (which look nothing like I was imagining. I was still picturing the tennis racket like contraptions, apparently technology has made advancements in snowshoes as well.) and trekked through the snow toward the lake. One also does not ride on top of the snow so easily as I had imagined in snowshoes, it takes a lot more effort than I was envisioning. The thick and loose snow was rather difficult to navigate because I kept sinking, and it was a lot of work. Once we got to the lake, however, it was only covered with a few inches of snow, so it was much easier to walk. We walked the perimeter, then went back to the car (which took, I think, about an hour) and went to Target. The closest thing I can compare walking in snow to is walking in sand, but even so it's not quite the same, especially when you step into the snow and end up sinking about to your knee. Sand doesn't have that much give. Anyway, it was fun, and I made sure to bring my camera and take photos. It was quite a workout, and I may end up being even more sore tomorrow. I think I might prefer a more traditional method of hiking, sans snow. I'm glad I went, though. It was worth trying.

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