Saturday, August 28, 2010

cross cultural education

Thursday evening I went down to the kitchen after CPE to make some supper. While I was eating, two guys that live upstairs came in, one of them is from Korea and the other from Sweden. They told me they had decided to make food for each other, so Choong made noodles (they were actually Ramen, but he presented them well), and Mattias made swedish pancakes from this mix he had found. They invited me to join them, so I did, and it was quite fascinating to watch. Choong ate swedish pancakes with chopsticks, and Mattias didn't drink the liquid from the noodles, and each made the other a bit uncomfortable by not doing it quite properly, but I enjoyed watching the interaction. The two are almost literally from opposite sides of the world.

That evening Tim got the chance to get half price tickets to see Gin Blossoms at this jazz club he likes to go to, and asked if I wanted to go, too. That was fun, and it's a small venue so every seat was close.

People are moving in for the fall semester, and thus the quiet of the dorms is over. There are also two men on my hallway, I guess the third floor is full. I feel bad for them, they have to go upstairs every time they want to shower or use the bathroom, and that's just rough.

And so the semester begins.

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