Tuesday, July 6, 2010

blowin up stuff

Howdy, y'all. I got a chance to light some fireworks on the 4th. I had a lovely afternoon with PL, then on my way back to my room I saw Felix, and he said they were going to watch some fireworks and then set some off, if I wanted to join them. I figured that would be a good thing to do, so I turned around and followed him. The fireworks show(s) -we could see about 5 over Minneapolis in different places- were pretty nice. Then we went down to the softball field to set off the ones Felix's roommate's parents had brought. There was a box full, and they were pretty cool. Nothing aerial, but some cool stuff. I've never really done fireworks before except sparklers, so this was new and exciting (not least because I am also fond of fire and explosions). We lit a few by themselves to see what they would do, then decided to set up a few 'shows' by lighting several at once. This was not as easy as it sounded, because we only had one lighter. We ended up lighting sparklers and then lighting the fireworks with those, which usually meant that someone didn't get theirs lit as fast as the rest of us, and you can't just hang out next to them to finish. They do, in fact, explode. It was fun and exciting nonetheless, a worthwhile adventure, and there were no injuries (always a plus).

In other news, I have finally achieved a static temperature in my room lower than the outside temp by nearly closing the window, closing the shade, and leaving the light off. Yes, I am aware that that seems a bit absurd, but no, I do not want to go buy a fan. I am just glad this method is successful. It shouldn't be warm for more than another month and a half or so anyway. No big deal. I'm from the south, which sometimes means I'm a little crazy. It's okay.

The World Cup is drawing to an end. I watched the first semifinal game today, and tomorrow Germany plays Spain in their semi. I have the LCNA assembly this weekend, though, and Saturday is also the third place game, so I am not sure how I'm going to manage both. If Germany makes it to the final it will be a bit easier to concede that game without watching it, but if they don't...I don't know. Hopefully Augsburg College has wireless or a television. Or something. haha.

Academically speaking I translated (we use the term loosely) the first chapter of Jonah, and did some work for my first ethics paper. For some reason I still don't feel like I've been terribly productive, but I'm not sure what I'm looking for. Ah well.

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