Sunday, November 1, 2009

flower power

Well, no, we haven't stepped back to the 60's/70's, but they had some good ideas then. I have noticed that I haven't been noticing as much lately. I've been caught up in homework, work, and who knows what else, worry, and haven't been paying attention to what's happening outside. I have noticed the weather, some, and am very glad it's below 90, but I've sort of forgotten to breathe the air, look at the flowers and new grass, see the birds and the trees and watch the way the wind blows. I don't do that as much as I should. I used to be much better at paying attention to nature. I've never exactly been a great gardener or anything, and I've had some more plants die on me (and have no idea why), but I used to be good at remembering to look at the sky and notice the wind. The last few times I've stopped and actually paid attention to nature, I realised it doesn't happen often enough anymore, and I hopefully can be better at renewing that. So pay attention to the rain, the grass, the wind, the sky, and the butterflies (and not just because they've smashed against the windshield you just cleaned), and remember God's work in creation.

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