Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Come Back To Me

That's the title of a song by David Cook that I like and is currently playing, from the cd I just burned. I feel like I should write in here a little more. The last few weeks, and months even, have been a sort of roller coaster style of certainty, disappointment, and uncertainty. I keep feeling sure and confident and then feeling like the rug is positioned rather precariously beneath me, to be yanked away at a moment's notice. I was thinking about grace the other day, and I realised, (again) that grace is rather a funny thing, and quite unpredictable. I no longer remember the exact reason this occurred to me, but I know I was thinking about how I wasn't entirely sure what I was doing, and I was reading The Lutheran magazine and grace touched me again. I still feel rather inadequate at times, like I am not sure I am capable of doing the things I think God has called me to do, but then I remember that most of the people in the Bible that God called had the same doubts, and God called them and then equipped them to answer the call, even as some were initially reluctant to do so. So I pray for the faith to live into the grace. Amen.

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