Sunday, May 31, 2009

random photos

I was looking at my memory card this afternoon, and realized again how random the assortment of photos on it is. Currently, it includes pictures from Easter and people at church, engagement photos of a couple from TLU, 3 different 10-50's (car accident), my car crunched, a ribbon cutting at the big red barn, TLU commencement, and my friends and I making cupcakes and playing Guitar Hero, plus a few other random photos.
My roommate is a reporter, and when I am available I get to be her photographer, so we have a host of random adventures that usually involve car accidents or fires, since that is her beat. I love being a photographer, although her beat can be pretty rough. I have seen some stuff even from a distance that has made me step back for a bit. This is the messier side of life, the side where we see the consequences of our actions and mistakes, and sometimes they are costly. Innocent lives turned upside down from someone's stupid decision, tragic accidents that simply make no sense.
Then there are the fun things I get to go see. The opening of new buildings, progress, gifts making something new and exciting for the community possible. Joys of life despite hardships and difficulties, fun events and people coming out to help each other.
Then there is just the random stuff my friends and I do, like play Guitar Hero, take spur of the moment trips to Target, or compile a meal from three different fast food places.
That's life for you.

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