Tuesday, March 15, 2011

school requires thinking

Okay, yes, that seems like a given. I suppose I've always known that, really. But it's been three years since I was a full time student in the classical sense, and wow, it requires a lot of thinking, and homework. My brain gets full. I am enjoying the learning, but there really is just a lot to think about, and I'm always busy, going from assignment to assignment.

I did get to have real Mexican food the other day, which was very exciting. I'm also getting better at ping pong, which I feel to be a significant achievement (I'm still not good, but I'm less bad..).

The snow is starting to melt. It even rained today. Winter seems to actually be on the way out. I don't quite know how I feel about this. The wetness is also kind of gross, and the melting snow freezes over the sidewalks every night, so I get to ice skate to breakfast every morning. There is a spring-ish feel to the air, though, and the lows are always double digits now. I've pretty much forgotten what this place looks and feels like without snow, so I think that will be an interesting transition.

I don't remember much else to say, but it gets difficult to extract things from my mind when it's this full. Peace.

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